Nanjing Swansoft CNC Simulator v7.2.2.0

Based on factories’ manufacturing and colleges’ teaching experience, Nanjing Swan Software Technology Company developed the following software: FANUC, SIMUMERIK, MITSUBISHI, GSK, HNK, KND, WA,SKY,HAAS,GREAT,RENHE,FAGOR, DASEN, and simulation software. Through which, we can attain the aim of enabling students to have the experience of practical manipulation on a largely-reduced cost. Swan series NC simulation software can be furthere devided in 8 major types, 47 systems and 85 controlling panels. Equipped with FANUC, SIMUMERIK, MITSUBISHI, GSK, HNC, KND, WA, SKY, HAAS, GREAT, RENHE, FAGOR, DASEN software, swan NC simulation software can help students to learn operation of NC milling tool, lathe and machining center of each system. Meanwhlie CAM NC program can be programmed or read in by manual. By internet teaching, teachers can have the first-hand information of their students current operation information.


Basato su factories’Manufacturing e colleges’indirettamente o di Software Technology Company developed Swan, 2000. Following software: Fanuc, SIMUMERIK, Mitsubishi, La GSK, HNK, come, wa, Sky, HAAS, Grande, RENHE, DASEN Fagor, e di simulazione, che ci PuO ‘attain Dai software., l’Obiettivo della Nazione A Tale esperienza Della loro “. Condotto in Serie A largely-reduced cost. Swan Software PuO’ essere di Qualcuno. FurtherE NC in 8 ’47? Devided, Sistemi e 85 Controlling con panels. Equipped Fanuc, SIMUMERIK, Mitsubishi, La GSK, HNC, come, wa, Sky, HAAS, Grande, RENHE, DASEN Fagor, del Software, Software Di simulazione della Nazione a NC – l'” Aiuto “. Lo strumento è stato detto milling della NC, E machining al Centro di ogni Meanwhlie System..Cam, invece, può essere PROGRAMMED NC o letto da manual. con Decoro in Internet, può la first-hand formati “della loro Nazione information. l ‘attuale.

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